Sorting it out…

I have been fascinated with technology since – well, forever. I am old enough to remember sitting around the wireless listening to the Goon Show, and not understanding why my older siblings and parents were laughing. My father subscribed to Australian Aviation magazine, and we would talk about going to the Moon. Flying and space travel were endless wonders and we did not know just how close television was. Now it is computers and 3D TV – but space is still an endless wonder, just a lot closer with Hubble.

The hardest part of my growing up was the politics and interminable discussions about everything from Marxism to Smith, from Keynes to Friedmann, from Socrates to Diogenes, Locke to Hobbes and all shades in between. It must have been disconcerting for my teachers to have this weird kid discussing the importance of Keynsian economics to the development of the World’s political-economy and how Conservative Governments were making a mess of it all. Ironically, those same conservatives are making a bigger mess as they have become more strident in their avowal to ruin…erm improve things for everyone, but especially for the under-privileged. The discussions that I was not overly interested in have taken centre stage, ever since I realized how easy it was to give away the freedom and rights our forebears won with incredible hardship.

I claim my right to be a contrarian, to point out the emperor has no clothes, to argue for something better, something different, for someone who cannot argue their own case.


[Header image is Spring Sunset by Andreas Rocha here, brilliant, isn’t it!!]


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