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Classrooms and Tech

Ask yourself the question, “Is the technology introduced to the classroom working?” Be honest. Be careful. Be real. First, to answer this question we have to look at a number of issues before we can get to the end. What … Continue reading

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Managing Learning Successfully.

Boxing has a strategy called “rope a dope”. Essentially, two fighters square off, both are skilled, perhaps very closely matched. One fighter likes to be aggressive, the other, knowing this, simply defends himself. All he does is defend, with the … Continue reading

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The Australian Curriculum and Social Development

Australian Curriculum, Wellbeing and Social Development The Australian Curriculum (AC) is not, and should never be, an experiment in social engineering. It is, however, a tool that can be utilised in the social and emotional development of students. The main … Continue reading

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Why is Education Reform so Hard?

Over the last twenty or more years, Australia has undergone “revolutionary reform” in Education. This has not been a regular thing, but a haphazard event, convulsing after elections, during financial meltdowns, changing Ministers and sometimes, for no obvious reason at … Continue reading

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Education needs to change!

I have been looking at what students are doing today as compared to what they were doing fifteen years ago. I have also been talking to teachers about this topic too, and they are suggesting similar themes as I am … Continue reading

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Managing Education

The real problem with education is that it is actually a play of two acts. One act is education management and the other is educational business. These are two different things. One is about curriculum and curriculum development, resources and … Continue reading

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They ain’t rules, more like guidelines….

I was recently asked what do I have against “teacher’s standards”? Why was I rubbishing them? The answer is as complex as the question so I will just dive into it. There are a number of different standards that teachers … Continue reading

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The old ways reasserting themselves.

One of the key issues that has arisen lately has been the Right’s insistence on developing education as a  commodity. This has a number of nasty side-effects that people have been kept from learning about, otherwise the whole stunt would … Continue reading

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The elephants in the mansion.

Education is a large mansion. It is full of rooms, each is room a different aspect of education. I have been in some of those rooms, and in every one of them, I have found an elephant. What I have also … Continue reading

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The Return of Class Warfare in Australia

When everyone in a social grouping, national or even international, accepts a common standard of social, moral and ethical behaviour, the social order is consistent and stable.To achieve this, our institutions, particularly education, focus on ensuring that participants are adequately … Continue reading

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