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I claim the title of educator, because I want to be more than "just" a teacher.

Hallowe’en is for Vampires!

The 31st of October, 2020, Hallow-e’en. I loved it! It was the first night of my life I got to be the person I was meant to be, Michael the vampire! It fell on a Saturday, a double blessing. I … Continue reading

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Here Be Dragons!

And now for something completely different. Not a whinge, but a story. Fiction. Hope you enjoy. There was noise ahead, a lot of noise, well certainly more noise than Bill McTavish expected. This is a bloody rain-forest, he thought, there’s … Continue reading

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“Russkiy Mir” A Dangerously Deceptive Doctrine

With Russia’s invasion of Ukraine, I’ve had a chance to take a longer look at Russia. What I am seeing is, for me, seriously unsettling. Tzar Vlad set up a foundation, “The Russkiy Mir Foundation” in the early 2000’s, as … Continue reading

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What is Antifa? Where does that fit?

I hear a lot about Antifa, but there is so much hyperbole and so little factual information, that it is hard to discern much at all with any level of accuracy. So, who or what is Antifa? Description from…Antifa … Continue reading

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What a couple of years!

So, 2021 is nearly over. About time too. You know, I get worried about calendars, really concerned as their days are definitely numbered. <Groan> I know dreadful dad joke, but that is about the standard of the last two years. … Continue reading

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What’s Next?

So 2021 is turning out to be as big a mess as 2020. Perhaps even bigger. Not only do we have Covid-19 and the Delta variant, also Epsilon and anything else that crops up, we also have a Vietnam rerun … Continue reading

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Bamboozling the World

For the last four decades, we have seen the world’s financial systems turned right around. By the late 1960s, the system that rebuilt the world after WW2, created and led by the Bretton Woods Agreements of 1944, was seen as … Continue reading

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The Year We Wished Wasn’t!

2020! Wow! What a year. In Oz, we faced huge bushfires throughout the summer. In my home state, South Australia, we were choking on the smoke of fires a hundred kilometres away. Kangaroo Island was burning. At one point, it … Continue reading

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The World as is?

Okay, for starters, let’s declare my indifference…mmm no… ambivalence, mmm, concern… mmm no, prejudice maybe, or all the above. I am not an American. I am an outsider looking in so in some ways that gives me an overarching perspective … Continue reading

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Classrooms and Tech

Ask yourself the question, “Is the technology introduced to the classroom working?” Be honest. Be careful. Be real. First, to answer this question we have to look at a number of issues before we can get to the end. What … Continue reading

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