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I claim the title of educator, because I want to be more than "just" a teacher.

The deepening onset of retirement!

Gawd!!! Am I that old? Already? Retirement? That’s for older people! And I can no longer shout down that evil thought. Time passes, for all of us – including me. Damn it! To suggest I suffer from something of a … Continue reading

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Change and People – A Good Mix?

Throughout 2017, I was living in an area of my State, South Australia, that really seems to think the world has passed it by. Their attitude is that they are ignored by the State, unwanted and left to live in … Continue reading

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Education needs to change!

I have been looking at what students are doing today as compared to what they were doing fifteen years ago. I have also been talking to teachers about this topic too, and they are suggesting similar themes as I am … Continue reading

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Mad March is right!

Every year, Adelaide has what’s called “Mad March!” Due to a number of factors, some beyond the control of the local authorities, there seems to be a number of different events going on one after the other. There is a … Continue reading

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So, you want a nuclear power station?

Every so often, somebody talks up the nuclear option as being something that we need to do to ensure the future economic prosperity of the State. Such pronouncements are never accompanied by any detail on how nuclear power will ensure … Continue reading

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Managing Education

The real problem with education is that it is actually a play of two acts. One act is education management and the other is educational business. These are two different things. One is about curriculum and curriculum development, resources and … Continue reading

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A Contaminated Nuclear Environment

Today, we have very much a contaminated nuclear environment. We cannot seem to get a lot of accurate information, either it is too inflammatory or it is too limp wristed to be accurate. In this I mean that when looking … Continue reading

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Let’s get some perspective, please!

I have been trying to get some perspective on the nuclear industry recently and not having a lot of luck. What I have found is worlds away from the hysterical nonsense the anti-nuke brigade is sprouting. At the same time, … Continue reading

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Waste not, want not!

For the record, I want everyone to understand that I am not enamoured of the nuclear industry. It is a blight on our society that garnishes an outrageous amount attention. It is vastly overrated in terms of the economic activity … Continue reading

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“Survivors” and “Victims”? Not at all!

In recent years, we have followed two Royal Commissions into sexual abuse, one in South Australia; and the Victorian inquiry into the Catholic Church’s treatment of abusers and abused. We watched with interest nightly reports on the goings on in … Continue reading

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