Hallowe’en is for Vampires!

The 31st of October, 2020, Hallow-e’en. I loved it! It was the first night of my life I got to be the person I was meant to be, Michael the vampire!

It fell on a Saturday, a double blessing. I got a call from Josh, my best friend, well, he thinks he is, but then he’s only human. He let me know that he, his girlfriend, green-eyed, redhead Suzy, her blonde friend, Gabriella, Jonesy and the dark-haired Belinda, were all going up to Bell’s Cave for Hallow-e’en, did I want to join them? I jumped at the chance to be with Gabi, but I didn’t tell Josh that. If I had, he might have backed off, he’s had the hots for Gabi for years but she won’t play. What I really had in mind was a feed.

The hunger had been growing in me for a while, I needed to feed soon. Hallow-e’en seemed like a good night to meet my heritage for the first time. I’m a fully-fledged, blood sucking vampire. My body was really demanding to fulfill its requirements, I needed to feed on human blood. I won’t bore anyone with the details, but needless to say, I had a really good time and when it was over, I felt a satiation that I had never experienced before.

When I got home on Sunday, I told mum and dad all about it. They were happy I had broken out and had my first feed and fuck. The problem I may have, mum informed me, was that there were five of them. This may have been too many for me to handle effectively at the same time, they may break down the memory blocks I had put in place. Mum showed me how to create and reinforce memory blocks, to make sure no donor would ever remember.

Oh, sorry, I left a bit out. The typical vision of vampires, the Bram Stoker and Hollywood versions, doesn’t exist, they never have. The world was changing and vampiredom thought a protective coating was required. Stoker provided that cover with ‘Dracula’ and Hollywood has run with it ever since. Yes, we do feed from humans, but we don’t drain them of blood. A small cupful, less than your typical blood donation at a blood bank, is all we need, once every year or so. No, we’re not invisible in mirrors, we love garlic, a super-food for us as well as humans, holy water is, well, water, and you drive a wooden stake through anyone’s heart, they’re going to die. No, vampirism is a birthright, a genetic heritage, not transferable via a bite. We don’t burn up in sunlight, we have heartbeats, we do not have massive fangs, don’t turn into bats to hunt. Truly, none of the stories you’ve ever read about us is accurate, except we do suck on blood and we do live longer. We’re stronger, more ruggedly handsome and ..erm sorry, got a bit carried away.

The only thing really harmful to us is alcohol, if we drink it directly. A little booze in a donor is okay, but a beer, even a light beer, can make us terribly ill. Been there, done that, projectile vomiting is no fun.
We do have a psionic control mechanism, which allows us to wipe memories. You will never know if you’ve ever donated to a vampire, you’ll never remember. It is a donation, our psionic control gets humans so sexually aroused, they agree we can do anything to them, so we feed on them. We definitely, absolutely, completely do not kill them, ever. No vampire has ever killed a human, except in self-defense, or war, or in a car, or any number of other ways that are socially acceptable. Donors are treated with respect and memories are wiped.

Being a young vampire, on his first feed, I made a two classic mistakes. I didn’t tell my mum there was going to be three couples, so five people, not just one. The other was not adequately putting the required memory blocks in place. I had to rush it, so did an incomplete job and worse, I didn’t realize I had done so.

I saw Josh and Suzy, Jonesy and Belinda through the week and there wasn’t too much of an issue, but by Wednesday afternoon Belinda jumped when she saw me. I looked for the flaws in Belinda that mum told me about and sure enough, they were there. I would have to get to the others pretty soon. I found Jonesy and Belinda first, made the appropriate repairs that evening and it was all good. Josh and Suzy were also not a problem on the Saturday afternoon. Gabi, though, she had gone away for a family wedding but would be back Sunday evening. I just hoped I wasn’t leaving it too long.

I was going to have to stalk her tomorrow night. I was really unsure now how long the barriers would hold, but I was confident I could fix it before it became a problem.

I got to Gabi’s house late Sunday night and it was in darkness. I didn’t know when they had gone to bed, but my hearing let me know there was only one person still awake. Gabi’s parents were sleeping. All I needed was to get to her quickly, before she could scream. I jumped the fence, then soothed the dog, it didn’t even whimper.

I slid inside the back door, its lock no impediment to me and a lock pick. I moved with the utmost stealth, day, night, not a lot of difference for a vampire. The cat eyed me, then retreated quietly behind the sofa. This was a three-bedroom home, with the main bedroom at one end of the house as far away from the other two bedrooms as possible but, fortunately, no sibling to disturb us. I entered Gabi’s room, quietly, saw her lying on her bed in a skimpy nightgown, a soft bedside lamp offering a meager light. She saw me, startled as I reached out to calm her. She drew a breath but I held her scream, “Hello Gabi,” projecting calm.

“Michael,” Gabi said, “I wasn’t dreaming then, you really are a vampire!”

“Yes, I am,” I said softly, looking her over, there was fear there, anger, resentment that I could control her so easily. I didn’t know how much she remembered but that was what I was here to repair. There was adrenaline, and other hormones in her body, all making her reek of that mix of fear and excitement. “Just out of curiosity, what do you remember?”

“The movies, you talking, me being swayed and hypnotized by your words, the logic, the excitement, the sex. You taking my virginity in front of everybody, me, not even embarrassed at being nude in front of them let alone having sex. I remember the bite, or sting really, even when distracted by my orgasm, hardly noticeable. Even the sex in the morning. Are you going to kill me?”

I didn’t feel a surge of fear from her. “Oh please, I thought you would remember that,” I said, “No, we never kill our donors.”

“Yes, that was the word, donors. We’re donors, aren’t we?”

“We can’t survive without you, well, at least for as long as we do, anyway.” There was a small confidence there as well, a trap? “Oh, you’re recording this aren’t you.”

“Yes.” She had no choice, she had to be honest.

“Okay, can we stop pretending now? You knew I wouldn’t kill you, but you weren’t sure I wouldn’t be back to re-write your memories.”


“Okay, what do you want?”

“To feel the way you made me feel a week ago!” She shrugged her nightie off, naked beneath it.

I sighed, “You’ll only forget when I wipe your memory.”

“Your Jedi mind tricks don’t work on me. I remembered, faster and more clearly than the others. I take it you’ve already wiped them all again?”

“Yes,” I replied, “You’re last, the only one left.”

“I dreamt it Wednesday, started remembering Thursday. I spoke to Suzy Friday and she was a little uneasy, but Saturday evening, she was back to normal. She’s not as strong minded as me. Your memory tampering didn’t hold with me. Maybe I’m immune, or rather, I can break down whatever barriers you put up.”

I made no attempt at correcting her, but went quiet. Then said, “Possibly.” I knew why she remembered, my problem, not hers, but I couldn’t tell her that.

“Besides, you didn’t have to force me into sex.”

“No, Gabi, you were not forced into sex. I can’t force you into doing anything. The psi power is like hypnosis, I can’t get you to commit a crime if you are not a criminal. No, bad example. All we did, you wanted to do, you all did. I didn’t know I could do it either, especially the same sex fun. All I did was excite that area of the brain that responds to sexual stimulation, releasing dopamine and Oxycontin, as well as some endorphins, after that, it was all you guys. Watching Suzy touching Bel, that wasn’t expected, by anybody, but what Josh did to me, I never planned or expected that. You were excited by all of that and it was your idea to publicly lose your virginity. Remember?”

“Yes,” Gabi admitted quietly, “Watching everyone else was so – erotic.”

She was hooked, she had let me speak for too long. I wasn’t going to have sex with her again, I wanted to, but didn’t want to leave any tangible evidence I had been there. “Can you get all your recording devices, please?” I asked. She did, her phone was on the nightstand next to her bed. A small recording device was behind a box on top of her dressing table. “Is that all?” I asked.

“Yes. You’re controlling me again, aren’t you?” I nodded, “I can’t lie to you, can I?” I shook my head, again clamping the scream that was building in her. She was highly aroused, the glistening evidence reflecting in the bedside lamp. The tension in her allowed me to get into those parts of her brain that held the memories of last week, where I could see my inexpert barriers crumbling.

“Would you be so kind as to wipe all the recordings you have. Anything you’ve written or recorded.” Gabi went to her laptop and deleted all the files she had written to herself, even one in her Dropbox, making sure they were not in the recycle bin.

I drew her close, holding her, feeling her heat, her excitement, her arousal. “I’m not going to feed on you tonight, Gabi, that’d be greedy when I don’t need to. I’m just going to wipe your memories of Hallowe’en and the last twenty minutes; you won’t remember a thing.”

“Gotta ask, why the sex? Because you could force us? I loved the sex, by the way, any time you want to sleep with me again, please do.”

“Humans are very open, emotionally, vulnerable, during sex. All we do is stimulate you at a deeper level, make you willing lovers, it’s easier to feed then. I’m sorry but not happening, Gabi, not tonight anyway. Next weekend, that’s a different story.”

“After what happened at the Cave, I think I’m up for it anytime.”

I smiled, and thanked her for her offer, kissed her, touched her, in the softest and most intimate way and she orgasmed. In moments a new, far stronger barrier was in place, she had forgotten my presence already. She wouldn’t break through that block. She was asleep seconds after I lay her on the bed, covering her with the quilt. “Sweet dreams, my love.” Her breathing remained the slow rhythmic breathing of a sleeping girl. It was done and the vampire had disappeared from her life, forever, perhaps, but still with Michael in her life.

The bedroom door shut quietly behind the intruder. The shadow quietly, smoothly moved to the front door to let itself out. Only the cat saw its passage and she knew this was not a shadow to trifle with. It was quickly gone.

Out on the street, there were only the street lights, every house was dark, everyone nearby was off in their own Neverland, or hell, whichever one their lives had taken them to. The shadow passed under a street light, blond hair reflecting the glare of the street lamp over her head.

Gabriella thought about Hallow-e’en, Suzy asking her to come up to the cave, making sure Mike would be there. Only it wasn’t entirely Suzy’s idea. Jonesy she could take or leave. Josh, she once thought she had a crush on him, but she knew he was a potentially abusive asshole underneath a thin veneer of niceness. He’d tried to get her drunk, a bottle of leg-opener, her mother called it. Gabi would likely have lost her virginity then if the booze hadn’t made her so ill.

She only wished she was able to allow Josh to remember what happened between him and Mike. That would be fun, cruel, but fun. Suzy and Belinda, that was different. She would never have thought women could be so soft, sweet, pleasurable, tasty. Never even considered it, but what a difference her hunger had made in her perceptions and tastes. Mike was a kind, shy boy, but he was a better man than the other two would ever be. Enthusiastic and willing lover too, once he was encouraged properly. Gabi might even stay with him until she needed to mate, produce the next generation. Who knows?
She knew that if Mike ever did remember any fragment of their Hallow-e’en adventure, he would convince himself it was his imagination. She would, perhaps, encourage him to write a story, a Hallow-e’en story, if they were still together.

Mum would be proud of her daughter tonight, fixing the mess she had nearly made, taking responsibility for her own inexperience, learning better ways.

Our secrets are safe again, she thought.


Okay, so why the fiction? I am experimenting, that’s all, stretching, I hope others like it, if they ever read it.

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I claim the title of educator, because I want to be more than "just" a teacher.
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