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In the thick of it

Fearless Leader is doing it again. In this case it is Mr Tony Abbott, Fearless Leader, PM of Australia, the Captain who seems unable to pick a winning team, the would be Catholic priest who went from aestheticism to materialism, … Continue reading

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Letters I have written

Every now and again, erm.. ok, let’s start that again…. Fairly frequently, I get a bee in my bonnet, (silly expression, I have never worn a bonnet, my dear mother once told me I seriously objected to anything on my … Continue reading

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One good fraud deserves another!

Right from the outset, I an telling everyone that I believe that the private education system in Australia is the biggest fraud ever perpetrated on the Australian public. It is hugely bigger than the Iraqi WMD, immensely larger than the … Continue reading

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On air with Peter Goers

Last Thursday, 12th February, (2014 that is) I had the unusual honour of being invited to attend Australia’s national broadcaster’s, ABC, studios in Collinswood, Adelaide. I joined the host, Peter Goers, on his evening radio show in a discussion about … Continue reading

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“It’s all good tank country”

What is it that we mean when we talk about public education?  I know what I mean, but I wonder sometimes if I am thinking of the same things as others do. I ask this of myself as the idea … Continue reading

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