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Changing Shoes – as the other one drops

Some months back, I posted an article about Gough Whitlam, a former Australian Prime Minister, who had died. Gough, and even now it is really difficult to call him Mr Whitlam, was a rather large man, large physically, at well … Continue reading

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Letters I have written

Every now and again, erm.. ok, let’s start that again…. Fairly frequently, I get a bee in my bonnet, (silly expression, I have never worn a bonnet, my dear mother once told me I seriously objected to anything on my … Continue reading

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The villains of the piece!

As I was reminiscing with friends over a range of events and times discussing the history of the 20th Century, the question of “who were the three greatest villains of the century?” was asked. Without thinking I responded “Milton Freidmann, … Continue reading

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