Vlad, the hypocrite

Without doubt, Vladimir Putin is the most obvious hypocrite today, but he eclipses almost everyone else with his lying about his “special military operation” in Ukraine.

Ukraine is certainly no stranger to invasions. Having been relatively peaceful since 1945, it all changed in February this 2022 when Vladimir Putin, Tzar-pretender, ordered invasion of Russia’s neighbor.

Unfortunately, a proposed three day campaign has bogged down into small gains and larger losses. The expected folding of Ukrainian forces didn’t happen and instead of fleeing, Volodomyr Zelenskyy, Ukrainian President, pleaded for more arms and ammunition to protect his country and to strike back.

Recent attack on the Kerch bridge, Russian occupied Crimea’s lifeline, has badly shaken Russia and the Russian leadership. The Kerch Bridge was a symbol of the potency of Russia. At 19 kilometers, about 12 miles, long, the bridge is the major supply line for Russian forces in Ukraine. This audacious attack also shows how precarious Russian forces have become in Crimea and how hypocritical the Pretend Tzar is.

The attack itself is not the issue, it will be Russian response to it that will be telling. Vlad has three options, pull out-which he is too stubborn to do now he is down to the short strokes, keep his front lines together and dig in for the winter, or ramp it up. It’s a no-brainer that he will ramp it up. A partial mobilization has ensured that, but as they are mishandling that too they are creating more problems for themselves. There is a number of domestic issues arising, which is why so many young men are fleeing Russia right now, and so many are starting to doubt Putin’s ability to actually win this war.  

The question here is whether Putin will resort to nukes. Is he that stupid? Are his commanders willing to accommodate that kind of stupidity? Unknown. The US are saying no, he’s not, but they fail to see the essential brutality of the man himself. He reacts to all threats with violence, as he did with his higher profiled opposition in Russia and I’m sure many others of whom we know nothing about.

Every day we read stories of missile and air strikes on towns and cities killing civilians. It’s okay for him to order attacks on civilian infrastructure, schools, hospitals, trains, busses. Have his men shooting at civilian cars carrying children, to perform mass executions, even of entire families, moms, dads, children, young children, but his bridge gets a blast and it’s an “act of terror”?

The orcs are behaving just as badly as did the Nazis eighty years ago, so who is the hypocrite Vlad?

On another note, Trump is again demonstrating his utter lack of understanding of the geopolitical and personal nature of the events of the last eight months. Is there no end to his stupidity, either?




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