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I claim the title of educator, because I want to be more than "just" a teacher.

“Survivors” and “Victims”? Not at all!

In recent years, we have followed two Royal Commissions into sexual abuse, one in South Australia; and the Victorian inquiry into the Catholic Church’s treatment of abusers and abused. We watched with interest nightly reports on the goings on in … Continue reading

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Love and Marriage Equality

Ireland set the cat amongst the pigeons a little while ago by holding a referendum on gay rights, including marriage. The result shocked the conservative world no end. Catholic Ireland, not normally noted for its libertarian views, supported equality in … Continue reading

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The Nuclear Result

For some time now, there has been a Royal Commission into the Nuclear Fuels and Energy uses and potentials, past and future. Rear Admiral and former Governor of South Australia, Kevin Scarce, and an expert panel have made, arguably, the … Continue reading

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Oh-really? What’s love got to do with it?

Every now and again, some learned researchers comes up with some research and a theory that tells us something about ourselves. Darwin did it and kicked off a new science. Dewey, Gardiner and others have done it in education, Freud, … Continue reading

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In the thick of it

Fearless Leader is doing it again. In this case it is Mr Tony Abbott, Fearless Leader, PM of Australia, the Captain who seems unable to pick a winning team, the would be Catholic priest who went from aestheticism to materialism, … Continue reading

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Changing Shoes – as the other one drops

Some months back, I posted an article about Gough Whitlam, a former Australian Prime Minister, who had died. Gough, and even now it is really difficult to call him Mr Whitlam, was a rather large man, large physically, at well … Continue reading

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A Damned New World

“World stunned by massacre at Charlie Hebdo”  “Terror Strikes at Freedom” and so many other, similar headlines. “Je Suis, Charlie” badges and in a few weeks, that will all be lost by some other atrocity somewhere else in the world. … Continue reading

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They ain’t rules, more like guidelines….

I was recently asked what do I have against “teacher’s standards”? Why was I rubbishing them? The answer is as complex as the question so I will just dive into it. There are a number of different standards that teachers … Continue reading

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Letters I have written

Every now and again, erm.. ok, let’s start that again…. Fairly frequently, I get a bee in my bonnet, (silly expression, I have never worn a bonnet, my dear mother once told me I seriously objected to anything on my … Continue reading

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The old ways reasserting themselves.

One of the key issues that has arisen lately has been the Right’s insistence on developing education as a  commodity. This has a number of nasty side-effects that people have been kept from learning about, otherwise the whole stunt would … Continue reading

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